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Warm Up With A Hearty Stew

Ptarmigan make a great stew. When out in the field, dehydrated veggies and potato bark can be used to make an easy, lightweight, and quick dish.

Dehydrated vegetables (carrot, celery, etc.)
Dehydrated potatoes (store-bought, vacuum-sealed, or make
your own by making mashed potatoes and then dehydrate
them on a nonstick sheet in a dehydrator)
Olive oil
Salt, pepper, any other seasonings
Ptarmigan, cut into thighs, wings, and breasts

Season ptarmigan with seasoning. Reconstitute the dehydrated ingredients in hot water. Mix, then set aside. On cook stove and in pan, heat olive oil over medium heat. Brown ptarmigan in oil. Add dehydrated ingredients to ptarmigan and olive oil; stir and simmer until tender. The vegetables infuse the meat with flavor. That’s it! –KM

Pat’s Backcountry Beverages Lets You Pack Beer Anywhere Your Feet Can Take You


Tired of not having beer during sporting adventures because of its weight?

Well, Pat’s Backcountry Beverages has the answer for you!


They’ve created the world’s first craft beer concentrate along with a portable beverage carbonator that’s sure to make you the most popular guy or gal at camp! Bring beer ANYWHERE!

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Coeur d’Alene Dressing Company’s Sausage-Spiced Flavor



Making your own sausage couldn’t be easier using Coeur d’Alene Dressing Company’s  three sausage
seasoning blends: Hot Italian, Sweet Italian and Sage Breakfast. Just
add to a little water and mix into any ground meat, domestic or game,
grinding your own or have your local butcher grind something for you.
Use our seasoning blends for sausage patties, stuffing links or as a
great rub. Our products are made with no MSG, nitrates, fillers or
anti-caking ingredients.

Made with a dozen fine spices you can wake up
your taste buds with our Sage Breakfast Sausage blend. Our Sweet
Italian blend gives you a little sweet, a little warm…great for any
Italian dish, with cracked fennel, garlic and a few crushed chilis.
Try the Hot Italian blend if you want a robust, bold sausage that
leaves your lips “humming”.

Dedicated to providing great customer
service, we pride ourselves on making exceptional products at
reasonable prices. Check our other award-winning dressings, BBQ sauc
es, rubs and marinades at Call
800-687-1462 for free samples.

‘Good God’ Alaska Sea Food & Wild Game — Specializing In Fresh Alaskan Food And More

‘Good God’ Alaska Sea Food & Wild Game, a family father-and-son-owned business, started in 1999 selling live crab and lobsters. We are located in Southeast Alaska, called the fishing capital of the world, located on an island accessible only by boat or airplane.

We now offer a unique local store in Ketchikan and online source that specializes in fresh, frozen and live Alaska wild seafood like crab, oysters and clams.

We have an assortment of fresh or frozen Alaskan halibut, spot prawn shrimp, all kinds of crab, salmon, smoked salmon of all varieties, wild game from Alaska Denali Delta farms, as well as imported bird and game from many countries from around the world.

We have committed ourselves to selecting only the very best products.