Alaska Salmon 2011: Not Too Shabby

The 2011 salmon sportfishing season was the usual mixed bag of ups, downs, missed predictions, surprises for biologists, and just general chaos. However, there were more than a few bright spots in the season, and very few total washouts.

In Southeast, salmon fishing for kings and silvers was pretty much in line with projections, with pink salmon being the biggest shortfall. However, since pinks are rarely targeted by sportfishers, this was mostly a commercial fishing problem.

Great 70th Birthday Trip To The Kenai, Seward!

Robin Hendrickson of Chehalis, Wash., surprised his dad, Jerry, this past summer with a special 70th birthday present, a fishing trip of a lifetime to Alaska. Says Robin’s wife, Amy, who emailed these images, “They rented a motor home in Anchorage and spent two days fishing with owner/guide Ed O’Conner of Advantage Angling on the … Read more Great 70th Birthday Trip To The Kenai, Seward!

SnoCo Angler Lands 76-pd. Kenai King

The fishing hole wasn’t paying off and the guide was getting antsy. “‘Let’s reel in and go to a different spot, this spot sucks,’” John Nordin of Lake Stevens, Wash., recalls him saying while fishing on the Kenai River in mid-July 2010. So Nordin, who runs an investment company, began bringing in his K-16 with … Read more SnoCo Angler Lands 76-pd. Kenai King