Holiday Gift Guide


Arm Chaps

Soft leather protective sleeves that contour to hands and arms, Arm Chaps are comfortable and very effective at preventing injuries. They are useful in many situations, and provide adjustable airflow. See website for all the benefits!

Bill Saunders Calls

The latest addition to the Bill Saunders Calls lineup is the Big Spin Goose Call.

After taking input from many of the nation’s top guides and callers on their staff, they developed a call that will fill the needs of callers of any skill level and style of calling. Originally designed for creating a wall of sound for calling big wads of lessers, the folks at Bill Saunders Calls quickly realized the Big Spin had incredible range of tone, pitch and volume that would make it a killer big honker call as well.

With a shorter mouthpiece for increased speed, larger back bore exhaust for maximum volume, red gut with comp-style reed combination that produces a wide range of tone/pitch, flared lip roll for air tight seal, and their new guide griptechnology on the insert, the Big Spin isnt just another call in the lineup – it is a unique addition to a legendary brand.

CDNN Sports, Inc.

Now available from CDNN Sports is the DPMS AR-15 Upper M4 16-inch chrome-lined barrel with extended quad rail with an MSRP of $189.99.

Specifications and features include:

  • Barrel length: 16-inch M4 DPMS marked chrome-lined barrel;
  • Barrel thread pitch: 1/2×28;
  • Chamber: 5.56 NATO;
  • Twist rate: 1:9 inches;
  • Gas system: Carbine length direct impingement with A2 front sight gas block and bayonet lug;
  • Muzzle device: A2 Flash Hider;
  • Handguard: 11.75-inch anodized aluminum quad rail with t-markings.

Cylinder Stoves

Enjoy all-night wood heat, a flat cooking surface, hot water for a shower and even an oven for baking with a Cylinder Stove.

Built in the mountains of Central Utah, Cylinder Stoves are crafted by hunting and camping folk who know what is expected of a good camp stove.

Eat Me Lures

Proudly made in the USA, Eat Me Lures’ swimbaits are designed to bridge the gap between artificial and live bait, giving you a better option while fishing offshore, inshore or lakes. All of their swimbaits are hand-poured or hand-injected using the finest quality plastic available to create a bait that will hold up to multiple fish strikes when the bite is on.

These incredibly effective swimbaits are irresistible to predatory game fish and, when used correctly, a top-secret weapon for tuna, dorado, bass, halibut, redfish, bottom fish and more.

Michlitch Company

Newly developed by Michlitch Company, the Brisket and Roast rub is excellent for grilling, pan-frying or roasting.  Rub the spice blend on both sides of a brisket, roast or steak before cooking.

Buy retail online at Commercial bulk pricing is also available on these products. Call 509-624-1490 for pricing.


Motion Ducks

The Ultimate Spreader System from Motion Ducks creates the most realistic and natural decoy movement that will pull in even the most educated birds.


Nomar’s soft-side, waterproof, floatable gun scabbard is a favorite with Alaskan bush pilots.

They do not want bulky, hard gun cases in those little planes. It also ranks high for carrying that gun in a skiff or on the back of a horse. Made in Alaska to stand up to tough conditions. Standard gun scabbard holds a scoped rifle; shotgun-style is also available.


PrOlix will get a new look for the holidays and a new easy-to-handle 16-ounce size with their three-way adjustable nozzle Pro Trigger Sprayer! PrOlix made no changes to their great formula, even with their gun-oil and grease replacer, Xtra-T Lube.

Rougarou Rods

Rougarou Rods specializes in custom rods, reel servicing and rod-building supplies. They build the rod you want, the way you want, with the products you want. They also keep your reels serviced and in tip-top shape. Rougarou Rods is a west coast dealer for Alps, Rainshadow, Thrasher, Winn and Fuji products.

Scan Marine

The new Wallas Viking Air 3kW forced-air diesel heater is now available at Scan Marine. The Viking Air provides state-of-the-art Bluetooth and WiFi-controlled heating for modern and older boats alike. With up to 105CFM of air volume, quiet operation and super-efficient fuel burn, the Viking Air will maximize your boating season!

Seal 1

The Seal 1 Complete Tactical Gun Care Kit includes:

  • Four-ounce container of their multi-purpose CLP Plus Gun Care Paste;
  • Four-ounce container of their multi-purpose CLP Plus Gun Care Liquid ;
  • Seal 1 CLP Plus Pre-Saturated EZ-Cloth;
  • 12-inch by 12-inch square microfiber cloth;
  • Double-ended nylon utility brush; and
  • Two six-inch hardwood cotton swabs.


The Xtreme Defender has an optimized nose flute, total weight, and velocity to achieve a penetration depth up to 18 inches (falling within FBI guidelines) with a permanent wound cavity that is simply enormous. No other expanding hollow point comes close to achieving anywhere near this diameter and volume.

US Marine Sales and Service

Now available at US Marine Sales and Service is the Yamaha 2020 EX Sport. Room for up to three on the EX Series means no one misses out on the fun. The tow hook allows for easy, secure towing. Standard dual mirrors provide increased visibility for towing. Re-boarding step designed to make it easier to re-board after a swim. Conveniently tucks away when not in use.

The 2020 EX Sport is available from US Marine for $7,699 with no dealer fees! For full specs, visit