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  • ADFG Announces Ice Fishing House Registration Information

    A permit will be issued that includes a unique permit number at the time of registration. The unique permit number remains with the permit holder/ice house and will be reissued when the permit is renewed annually. This permit number must be displayed on the side and on the roof of the ice house with numbers that are at least 12 inches high and 1 inch wide and are plainly visible in a color that contrasts with the background.

  • Trout Unlimited Alaska Introduces “Fish It Forward” Fundraiser

    Trout Unlimited Alaska is launching a new fundraising campaign – “Fish It Forward” – to promote Bristol Bay and the Tongass.

  • Biden Administration Upholds Western Arctic Drilling Closure Decision

    Here’s the press release from the Center for Biological Diversity: ANCHORAGE, Alaska— The Biden administration cemented a climate victory today by not appealing a federal district court decision halting ConocoPhillips’ Willow Master Development Plan. Willow would be the largest oil-and-gas drilling project in the Alaskan Arctic and would be located in a vast and biodiverse landscape in the […]

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  • Haines Silver Salmon Derby On Through Oct. 29

    The 3rd Annual Silver Salmon Derby, sponsored by Haines Sportsmen’s Association, is underway now through October 29. The current leaders are Robert Jennings and Olen Larsen, tied with a 13.05 lb. fish each. Alex Weerasinghe leads the Youth category (10.0 lb.), and Steve Anderson leads the Fly Rod category (12.3 lb.). Tickets are $25, available at the Alaska Sport Shop and Outfitter Sporting Goods.

  • Alaska Board Of Game To Hold Nov. 2 Public Comment Meeting

    The meeting is open to the public, via liveRe video stream available on the Board of Game website at The committee is seeking written and oral comment from the public about virtual board meetings, especially the public participation process. Anyone wishing to testify must register no later than Friday, October 29, 2021 at, or by contacting ADF&G Boards Support at (907) 465-6098.  

  • Coalition Asks Forest Service To Acquire Salmon Habitat In Copper River Delta

    This potential purchase is a tremendous opportunity to protect a critical sub watershed in the greater Copper River Delta, the largest contiguous wetland on the West coast of North America and critical habitat for wild salmon and other anadromous fish, terrestrial wildlife, and migratory birds. In addition, this area is the ancestral homeland of the Eyak people. 

  • The Best Bulls Of My Life: Alaska Moose Adventures

    Back in the early days it was all about caribou, where catching a glimpse of brown bodies and white manes on the tundra was the ultimate. Taking that “symbol” of Alaska was my primary goal back then, but to see a sea of antlers each time I went out was a sight unto itself.

  • Alaskans Mourning The Death Of “Fish Czar”, Politician Clem Tillion

    Longtime Alaska politician and “fish czar” Clem Tillion has passed away at the age of 96.

  • Denali National Park Road Will Remain Closed At Mile 43 For 2022

    “We look forward to getting started on the long-term solution at Pretty Rocks. Meanwhile, Denali is ready for visitors in 2022. We will continue to have access to great wildlife viewing, views of Denali, front-country trails, and backcountry hiking and camping,” said Brooke Merrell, deputy superintendent