Former Iditarod Champ Dallas Seavey Kills Moose After Encounter With Dog On Race Trail

Photo from Dallas Seavey’s Facebook page

Dallas Seavey, a five-time Iditarod champion and a former cover subject story in ASJ who has been involved with plenty of headlines over the years, had another viral moment today in a crazy encounter with a moose that got entangled with one of his dogs.

Here’s more from the Associated Press:

Dallas Seavey informed the officials with the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race early Monday morning that he was forced to shoot the moose with a handgun in self-defense.

This came “after the moose became entangled with the dogs and the musher,” a statement from the race said.

Seavey, who is tied for the most Iditarod wins ever at five, said he urged officials to get the moose off the trail.

“It fell on my sled, it was sprawled on the trail,” Seavey told an Iditarod Insider television crew. “I gutted it the best I could, but it was ugly.”

The Iditarod, which got started over the weekend, released the following press release:

Dallas Seavey encounters and dispatches moose outside of Skwentna

Wasilla, Alaska – Race Officials were notified at 1:43 a.m. that Veteran Musher Dallas Seavey (bib #7) was forced to dispatch a moose in self defense after the moose became entangled with the dogs and the musher on the trail. Seavey and his team were 14 miles outside of the Skwentna checkpoint on their way to the Finger Lake checkpoint.

Seavey continued on the trail, stopped to rest and feed his dogs and pulled into the Finger Lake checkpoint at 8:00 a.m. AKST. The Alaska State Troopers were immediately notified by Race Marshal Warren Palfrey. Seavey dropped one dog at the Finger Lake checkpoint who was injured during the moose encounter. The dog was immediately flown from Finger Lake to Anchorage and is currently being evaluated by veterinarians in Anchorage.

With help from snowmobile-aided support in the area, we are making sure that every attempt is made to utilize and salvage the moose meat. I will continue to gather information in this incident as it pertains to Rule 34,” says Race Marshal Warren Palfrey.

And finally. from Dallas Seavey’s Facebook page:

? Moose Update Part 2: Dallas’s Encounter ?

In the midst of Dallas’s Iditarod journey, he faced an unexpected obstacle: a moose on the trail. Navigating through windy terrain, Dallas and his team encountered the moose, prompting a necessary pause for safety.

With the well-being of his team in mind, Dallas made the tough decision to fell the moose, resulting in a setback for his progression the trail. Iditarod officials swiftly organized assistance to handle the aftermath, contacting the authorities and confirming the preservation of the animals meat.

Upon reaching Finger Lake, Dallas focused on the welfare of his dogs, confirmed that all was okay, but unfortunately needing to drop a dog named Faloo. Despite the challenges, Dallas remained pragmatic, acknowledging the complexities of the situation and suggesting they send someone promptly to get the animal off the trail.

As Dallas prepares to continue the race, our thoughts are with him for a smooth and safe journey ahead. Currently running in 4th just passed Rainy Pass. Go, Team Dallas! ?#Iditarod2024#TeamDallas#MooseEncounter