Governor Signs Bill Offering Disabled Veterans Free Trapping Licenses

Earlier this year, the Alaska Senate introduced legislation that would allow disabled veterans to – like for fishing and hunting – obtain a free fur trapping license. Gov. Mike Dunleavy has now signed off on the bill. Here’s the Alaska Beacon with more details:

Senate Bill 10, by Sen. Jesse Kiehl, D-Juneau, is intended to fix a gap in state law, Kiehl said. Disabled veterans were eligible for free hunting and sportfishing licenses, but they didn’t have access to the free trapping licenses that are available to Alaskans over 60 years old.

“I thank the disabled veteran who brought me the idea,” Kiehl said Thursday, speaking from a remote cabin.

“It’s a great thank you to veterans who are disabled,” he said, noting that active-duty members of the National Guard are also eligible for the free license.

The proposal had universal support from veterans organizations and hunting/fishing groups within the state. It passed the state House and Senate by a combined total of 59-0, with one legislator excused absent.