State A Step Closer To Offering Free Trapping Licenses To Disabled Veterans

Alaska disabled veterans can obtain free hunting and fishing licenses, and after a unanimous vote through the State Senate, those same Alaskans may be able to apply for a free trapping license as well as a vote moves to the Alaska House. Here’s more from Alaska Public Media:

Senate Bill 10, by Sen. Jesse Kiehl, D-Juneau, passed the Senate in a 20-0 vote Wednesday and advanced to the House for consideration.

It’s the first bill passed by either half of the Legislature this year, but Kiehl said that status doesn’t mean much.

“I don’t want to race, I want to get things done,” he said.

Kiehl said he’s never been able to understand why disabled veterans — those who are at least 50% disabled according to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs — haven’t been able to freely trap for furs, even though they’re allowed to hunt and sport fish for free.