Yukon River Subsistence Restrictions For Kings Taking Toll On Locals

Here’s more on the woes the Yukon closures and the struggles of those who can’t harvest kings from KTOO:

The Yukon River is not the only river system with low chinook runs. Other parts of the state are suffering low runs, too. The state says that Bristol Bay is likely having some of its lowest chinook runs yet, and the Kenai River is also set to miss its escapement goal. Most scientists point to something in the ocean causing the low chinook runs. Subsistence users on the Yukon River say they’re going broke trying to replace the salmon.

“We’re spending more money on food than we ever did before because we don’t have that bump of salmon to ease the price,” said Anvik’s First Chief Robert Walker.

Walker said that they’re having to rely on government subsidies.

“We don’t want more food stamps, we just want our way of life, good lord,” Walker said.

Difficult times for sure.