Yakutat’s Situk River Water Level Remains Low, Slowing Fishing Options

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Yakutat Fishing Report

April 20, 2023


Steelhead Trout

Water levels on the Situk River continue to be very low. Currently, the discharge is around 123 cfs. This makes boat travel very difficult, both drift and power boats. The Rodeo Hole is a pinch point right now and very difficult to jet boat through. The low water dramatically affects the Upper Situk in terms of fishing ability. The few holes not obstructed with newly fallen trees are very difficult to fish with the slow-moving water. Fishing will be difficult with the current low flow until the water comes up with fish being more skiddish. The good news is that there is rain in the forecast. Rain is expected to fall starting Sunday evening throughout the next week. This should raise water levels and make angling more effective. The Lower Situk River fishing conditions are slightly better right now.

The Upper Situk has seen a few more fish enter that section of river. Staff were able to get out last Friday and post regulatory markers denoting the lower boundary of the steelhead spawning closure area. Anglers should be aware that there is no fishing in this 2-mile section of the Upper Situk River through May 15th. A few fish were observed from the lower boundary marker downstream to the 9-mile bridge, with recent reports adding that a few more fish have moved into the area. Fishing is still considered slow in this section with the fish being hard to get to in this low water. The Lower and Middle Situk have had reports of steelhead being caught this last week, but its still spotty. Small groups of fish are moving in with the tides, but not in large numbers yet. Fishing overall is decent in this section.

With the expected rain events next week and warmer water temperatures recently, fishing is expected to pick up some next week.

Cutthroat Trout

Cutthroat trout are starting to show up in the Tawah River drainage. Fishing should improve over the next couple of weeks.


King Salmon

Sportfishing for king salmon is open in Yakutat area marine waters. Staff have received a couple of reports of sport fishing out in Yakutat Bay, but so far, fishing continues to be slow. The large schools of herring are exiting the bay which will help make fishing conditions better as the days progress. Most anglers troll spoons or herring behind a flasher.

Anglers are required to have a king salmon stamp when targeting king salmon.


There have been a few reports this last week that some halibut were caught near Yakutat. Fishing should only continue to improve as spring progresses.


Lingcod fishing is closed until May 16th.


Fishing for rockfish should be excellent in the Yakutat area. Try working small jigs or darts, or mooching herring for the best results.

For further information, please get in touch with the Yakutat Area Sport Fish management biologist Jason Pawluk at (907) 784-3222.