Yakutat Steelhead Fishing Situation On The Situk Dependent On Water Levels, Boat Navigations

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

Yakutat Fishing Report

April 14, 2023


Steelhead Trout

Work on the Situk River Lower Landing boat launch is continuing but should be done by this weekend. There is heavy equipment in the boat launch area so anglers are being asked to not park near the launch or on the launch and yield space so the equipment can move around. The fall flood significantly changed the Upper Situk, and much of the river has either filled certain spots or moved trees around. This has dramatically changed the old fishing locations, and what used to be good fishing spots are no longer in many cases.

Water levels on the Situk River continue to be very low despite this last week’s rain and snow events which really didn’t drop a lot of precipitation. Currently, the discharge is around 113 cfs. This makes boat travel very difficult, both drift and power boats. The Rodeo Hole is a pinch point right now and very difficult to jet boat through. The low water dramatically affects the Upper Situk in terms of fishing ability. The few holes not obstructed with newly fallen trees are very difficult to fish with the slow-moving water. Fishing will be difficult with the current low flow until the water comes up. With the recent cold weather, that may be a while. Add on cold water temperatures, and the few fish that are in the river will be less inclined to strike.

The Upper Situk continues to see few fish in the area, but not many. A small group of steelhead have been seen at the Nine-mile Bridge, but that’s about it. It appears with the very low water levels that not many fish, if any, have come out of the lake still. The Lower and Middle Situk have had more reports of steelhead being caught this last week. Fishing overall is decent. Drift boaters are able to get to more fish right now. Given the continued low water levels and cold water temperatures, fishing is expected to be slower than normal for the next week. The 10-day forecast shows a glimmer of hope when slightly warmer temperatures and drier weather are forecasted.


King Salmon

Sportfishing for king salmon is open in Yakutat area marine waters. The staff has received a couple of reports of sport fishing out in Yakutat Bay, but so far, fishing continues to be slow. Large schools of herring are still in the area making trolling difficult and hard to find kings. Most anglers troll spoons or herring behind a flasher.


Halibut fishing is slow.


Lingcod fishing is closed until May 16th.


Fishing for rockfish should be excellent in the Yakutat area.

For further information, please get in touch with the Yakutat Area Sport Fish management biologist Jason Pawluk at (907) 784-3222.