Xtaero Introduces New Skiff Boat

The new Xtaero Skiff is an awesome boat!  And we have this one ready to go!!

22’ aluminum boats are the most versatile and best selling boat of any kind in the world. It fulfills the ‘one boat does it all’  needs of many families.  It can go in the shallows even inches with a jet outboard and a factory delta pad which helps usher water into the jet, but this one is stock for a regular outboard.  The bottom has 12.5 degree dead rise (degrees of vee) so it will ride well in tougher water.  The 17′ deck provides ample room for storing coolers, totes, and fishing gear.  This one would be a tiller handle. More details below.

The most important part?? We can customize!!  Adding a center console or steering station is already in our wheelhouse.  We can do windshields, duck boats, bow hunting boats, different style cleats, a 90hp outboard, a 150hp outboard. We get two or three calls every day from folks telling us to do one thing different or another.  I say yes to everyone because we can do many things.  We love it.

We proudly offer this beautiful vessel at a price we feel represents our very high quality with a much lower price than other 22′ aluminum boats.

XTAERO CORAX (again with the Raven soul)
Length 22′ with 12.5 degree dead rise and 24″ freeboard above the waterline
Length with outboard 25′
Beam 80″
Beam at waterline 65.5″
Construction: The full frame and girder design with Center Vertical Keel and breast hook. Will prove to be one of the best little boats you’ve ever been on.  Designed by Jarek Kanios who designs the larger very successful Xtaero boats is well known for great ride and overbuilding.
Weight 600lbs boat only
Squared gunwales
Long gunwale shelves for rods and gear
Forward storage for gear
Heavy grade 3/4″ deck sitting on full frame and girder construction

Price boat only, as shown: $18,503 (choice of paint color)
Price boat/outboard Suzuki DF90ATX2/Trailer Package: $28,156 (choice of paint color)

We need owners in Alaska so we can display some at the 2018 Great Alaskan Sportsman Show in April 2018. And in OR and WA also, as well as around the country.