Wolverine On A Bender In Anchorage Area

Wolverines have always fascinated me – whether it’s the University of Michigan athletics teams – I’m not a big fan of them but they usually provide interesting storylines – or that awesome WOLVERINES!!!! chant in the movie Red Dawn.


The real-life wplverine seems like something of a mythical creature. Wolverines are known to be fierce predators but they aren’t easy to find in the wild. Check out how badass these critters can be when spotted doing their thing.

That brings us to some intriguing news out out of Anchorage. A wolverine appears to be running amok around the city.  Here’s the Anchorage Daily News with more: 

The Alaska Department of Fish and Game on Wednesday issued a first-ever wildlife advisory about not bear or moose but wolverine to people living in neighborhoods adjacent to Elmore Road, primarily from O’Malley to Dowling roads.

The wolverine has killed chickens and rabbits, according to a notice a state biologist posted Tuesday on the Nextdoor site, a private social network for residents of specific areas. The state recently began partnering with the network to issue wildlife alerts.

The animal was also caught attacking a big, long-haired black cat named Lenny around 2 a.m. Sunday. The cat survived without a scratch but was covered in leaves and slobber, his owner said.