Wild Salmon Jerky? Wild Salmon Jerky!

The following is courtesy of Eva’s Wild:

A LIMITED RUN  of Wild Bristol Bay Sockeye Salmon Jerky just in time for this season of lights…

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Just the right delicious harmony of salt, smoke and sweet, with a faint savory heat for a finish. Shelf-stable, It chews like beef jerky, but is made from premium Sockeye Salmon filets sustainably harvested from the pristine waters of the world’s most regenerative fishery in Bristol Bay, Alaska.Throw some in your pack or pass some over as we head down the road together. Shipped right to your door.

$9.99 per 2.5 oz bag – bags are fully recyclable.

And most importantly…

A portion from every bag of purchased jerky will be donated to the Defend Bristol Bay coalition, led by United Tribes of Bristol Bay