A Whale (Barndoor?) Of A Fish Story

Photo by Emilie Marshall

Too good to be true? Extraordinary? Epic? When a Facebook post circulated on Wednesday night, it briefly looked like quite a remarkable halibut catch.

Here’s what the caption read:

Great day of fishing today below the bridge in Kenai.. Many people don’t realize you can catch Halibut in the Kenai this time of year… this hog weighed in at 112 pounds…

While watching a hockey game, I was emailed this by my executive editor and he instantly played skeptic and cynic! “There may be a grain of truth to this,” he wrote. “Or the fishing just sux and somebody is having some fun.”

I like so many others shared the post to my followers, and soon enough the cat -er, fish -was out of the bag.”

Kayce James This FUN photo is from Emilie Marshall in case anyone needs to give photo credit. The halibut is courtesy of a local lodge and made for a good photo prop. ?

 Good work, folks. Hopefully it made us all laugh.