Week One Results In Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby

Nick Bronson’s 140-pound halibut. (HOMER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)


Week one leader Michael Eskelson, who caught a 187-pound halibut. (HOMER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE)

The Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby is off and running. Here’s a report after week one:

The first week of the Jackpot Halibut Derby was a busy one with a 2005 and 2014 tag caught and 2 Jackpot Fish weighed in.

Jackpot Leader:
Michael Eskelson of Sutton, AK brought in a 187.6-pound, 76-inch fish.  Michael was fishing on a private boat fishing with 40-pound test weight line on a small salmon penn reel.
Nick Bronson of Albuquerque, NM brought in a 140-pound, 69.5-inch fish.  Nick was fishing with Brooks Alaskan Adventures with Captain Josh Brooks aboard the Huntress.
IPHC (International Pacific Halibut Commission) emailed, someone had caught a tagged fish from 2005.  When tagged the fish was 19 inches, length when caught was 30 inches.  The fish was caught on the Cape Cleare Spit Grounds, which south west of Cape Cleare.
A 2014 tagged fish was caught by an unknown angler. In 2014 the fish weighted about 23 pounds and on Thursday when caught it had grown to a healthy 95 pounds  The fish was both released and caught by Captain Josh Brooks aboard the Huntress.
Beginning Thursday the Derby Shack on the Spit will be open seven days a week from 12pm-7pm.