Washington Man Dies In Fishing Accident Off Alaskan Coast

Tragedy struck of the coast of the Aleutians when a Longview, Washington, resident died in a sportfishing accident. Here’s more from the Longview Daily News: 

David Long, 55, was recreational gillnet fishing with a friend about five miles off Unalaska when they ran into problems with their net and their boat, Jennifer Shockley, deputy chief and acting director of the Unalaska Police Department, told the Anchorage Daily News. The boat took on water and capsized shortly after 2:30 p.m., authorities said.

Long’s companion was able to swim ashore and get help. By the time the message reached public safety officials, it was about 4 p.m., Shockley said… 

Both men were wearing safety flotation devices, according to Shockley. She said it was a partly sunny day, with calm water conditions and a surface temperature of about 49 to 50 degrees.

Condolences to David’s family and friends.