Valdez Celebrates Kids With Pink Salmon Derby

The following press release is courtesy of Valdez Fish Derbies:

VALDEZ, Alaska – Liliana Garcia has fished the Valdez Kids Pink Salmon Derby many times, but Saturday was not the first time she has made it into the standings. Garcia reeled in a 7.80 pound pink salmon to win 1st place in the 8 to 10 year-old age division and caught the largest fish in the 2018 Kids Derby. “I was a bit surprised when I saw it”, commented Garcia. “There are very talented children here. I was actually surprised I caught that big of a fish.”

Lillian Garcia with her first-place pink salmon, a 7.8-pound fish. (VALDEZFISHDERBIES.COM)

Garcia not only caught the largest fish in this year’s derby, she made it on the list of top 10 biggest pink salmon caught since the start of the derby in 2012. Garcia said she caught her winning fish using a pixie out by Potato Point. She said her favorite part of fishing is spending time with her family and helping to cook the fish. Her advice for anglers, “You just have to keep trying and believe in yourself.”

(CLICK HERE for all results. Scroll to bottom of the page to see Top 10 All Time) Garcia won a longboard as the 1st place winner in the 8 to 10 year-old age division. Noah McPheters won 1st place in the 5 to 7 year old division with a 6.78 pound pink. Alex Plowman, who holds the distinction of catching the largest pink salmon ever caught in the Valdez Kids Pink Salmon Derby last year (a whopping 10.12 pounds) took 1stplace in the 11 to 13 year-old age division with a 7.32 pound pink salmon and Anthony Hursh of Fairbanks took 1st place in the 14 to 16 year-old age division with a 6.88 pound silver salmon.

The first place winner in each division won a longboard skateboard. The 2nd place winners in each division received a skateboard and the 3rd place winners in each division received fishing gear from Prospector.

The Valdez Kids Pink Salmon Derby is a free event open to kids age 5 to 16. The weigh-in station gave away 350 free t-shirts to kids age 5 to 16 that got a line wet and hosted a free family barbeque attended by 500 people at Dock Point picnic area.

Valdez Kids Pink Salmon Derby – 2018 Winners


Noah McPheters.

5 to 7 Age Division

1st        Noah McPheters                      Valdez, AK                  6.78 lbs.
2nd        Maycie Johnson                       Tanacross, AK             6.20 lbs.
3rd        Aslynn Folly                            Palmer, AK                  6.04 lbs.

8 to 10 Age Division

1st        Liliana Garcia                          Fairbanks, AK             7.80 lbs.
2nd        Sammy Huffman                     Valdez, AK                  7.04 lbs.
3rd        JD Lyons                                 Delta Junction, AK      6.72 lbs.


Alex Plowman.

11 to 13 Age Division

1st        Alex Plowman                         Fairbanks, AK             7.32 lbs.
2nd        Madison Spencer                     Fairbanks, AK             6.48 lbs.
3rd        Alina Kockentiet                      Valdez, AK                  6.28 lbs.

Anthony Hursh.

14 to 16 Age Division

1st        Anthony Hursh                                    Fairbanks, AK             6.88 lbs.
2nd        Abby Creer                              North Pole, AK                        6.38 lbs.
3rd        Brad Baker                              Salcha, AK                  6.34 lbs.

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