Vacation In Florida? Kodiak Bear Cubs Found Far From Where They Should Reside

From the weird and wild news cycle, two Alaskan Kodiak bear cubs were spotted on a road in Florida. But as the Miami Herald reports, it appears the bears were at a “trainer’s” facility and escaped. That trainer is now facing legal issues:

The encounter happened Dec. 5 but the sheriff’s office didn’t share news of the discovery until Jan. 31, after the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission completed an investigation. “These cubs were technically about 3,614 miles from what would normally be ‘home’ — in Alaska,” the sheriff’s office wrote in a Facebook post. “They are apparently Kodiak cubs, a unique subspecies of the brown or grizzly bears.”

Officers with FWC were called to investigate, resulting in the bears being seized and “taken to Zoo World in Panama City,” officials said. “It was determined the bears had escaped from an inadequate enclosure at a residence on Old River Road where a self-proclaimed bear trainer lives,” the sheriff’s office reported.

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The trainer is expected to face several Florida violations as more investigations are conducted.