UTBB Endorsing Election Candidates Who They Hope Will Protect Alaska Salmon

The following is courtesy of United Tribes of Bristol Bay:

DILLINGHAM, AK – The United Tribes of Bristol Bay is dedicated to protecting the Region’s traditional way of life. These values mean UTBB seeks to support those who share those values. As a result, UTBB is endorsing candidates this year who will protect Bristol Bay’s wild salmon: Joe Biden for U.S. President, Al Gross for U.S. Senate, Alyse Galvin for U.S. Congress, and Bryce Edgmon for Alaska House of Representatives for District 37.
Given recent spotlight on the Pebble Limited Partnership’s deceitful efforts to manipulate the state and federal permitting process in order to arrive at favorable permitting decisions exposed in the ‘Pebble Tapes,’ and our current leadership’s complicit role in that process, the selection of Alaska’s elected leaders has heightened importance. Salmon are critical not only to our way of life in Bristol Bay, but also to our state and nation’s economy. In the coming years, it is critical that our elected leaders be willing to take a stand to protect Bristol Bay’s salmon and all they sustain at both the state and federal levels. These candidates have demonstrated their commitment to stopping the proposed Pebble Mine and ensuring that Bristol Bay’s world-renowned salmon runs and our traditional ways of life will continue to thrive for generations to come.

UTBB Executive Director Alannah Hurley made the following statement: “We now have hard evidence that the state and federal permitting process is being greased to benefit a foreign mining company at the expense of our communities and cultures in Bristol Bay. The ‘Salmon Slate’ presents our best opportunity to change course before it is too late. The time to stop Pebble is now. Our elected officials must be willing to listen to the region and take action.
As President, Joe Biden will listen to science and ensure Bristol Bay is protected from toxic mines like Pebble. He will not allow the voice of a foreign mining company to be elevated above local people, and will ensure our voices are heard in Washington D.C. and at the highest levels of government.
Rep. Bryce Edgmon is a leading voice in Juneau for protecting Bristol Bay, and an advocate for our people. With the importance of state permitting in the years to come, it is critical that we have allies in the Legislature who will help protect our lands and waters. 
Alyse Galvin opposes the Pebble Mine, and pledged her support for our work to protect Bristol Bay from mines like Pebble. She will support action, such as Clean Water Act protections, to stop this project and ensure our home is protected.
Al Gross has pledged his support for stopping Pebble and protecting our way of life in Bristol Bay. He is committed to taking action to ensure this toxic mine is not built, and supports the use of Clean Water Act protections to stop Pebble.
These candidates have UTBB’s full support.”###

The United Tribes of Bristol Bay is a tribal consortium representing 15 Bristol Bay tribal governments (that represent over 80 percent of the region’s total population) working to protect the Yup’ik, Dena’ina, and Alutiiq way of life in Bristol Bay.