USACE Shuts Down Alaska Among Pebble Partnership Appeal Process

After Alaska Governor Mike Dunleavy announced that the state would be part of the rejected Pebble Mine permit appeal process, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers denied Alaska’s appeal, while the Pebble Partnership will be allowed to make its case.

Here’s more from the Alaska Journal of Commerce:

Pebble Limited Partnership can appeal the denial of a primary environmental permit for the company’s large mine proposal but the State of Alaska cannot, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers officials ruled in separate Feb. 24 decisions.

In a Feb. 26 statement from his office announcing the Corps’ determination that the state does not have standing to appeal the permit decision, Gov. Mike Dunleavy said that it is another instance of federal officials inhibiting the state from fulfilling its obligation to develop its natural resources.

“This is a precedent-setting decision that puts all possible resource development projects on state land at risk and cannot be accepted,” Dunleavy said. “We will not stop fighting for Alaska’s economic prosperity.”