UFA’s SHIP Program Re-Launches at SalmonState

The following is courtesy of SalmonState:

Alaska Fishermen will continue to be at the helm for important habitat issues and decisions.  

Juneau, AK—As of today, the Alaska Salmon Habitat Information Program (SHIP), originally a program of United Fishermen of Alaska, has a new home port at SalmonState. Since its inception in 2015, SHIP has worked closely with state and federal scientists, policy makers and thousands of Alaska fishermen to collect, distill and disseminate information about salmon and the challenges they face. It has helped Alaska commercial fishermen effectively advocate for the habitat healthy salmon populations need.

“SHIP focuses on providing commercial fishermen with information related to the future of wild salmon in Alaska. SalmonState is an Alaska-based non-profit that focuses on keeping Alaska a place where wild salmon and the people who depend on them continue to thrive,” said Sommers Cole, Southeast Gillnetter and Commercial Fisheries Program Manager at SalmonState. “It’s a perfect fit.”

“We will continue to work collaboratively and seek out partnerships to elevate the voices of Alaskan fishermen, seafood businesses, coastal communities and others interested in the health, management, policies and practices affecting this incredible renewable natural resource and driver of the Alaska economy, ” said Tim Bristol, SalmonState Executive Director.  “This program is a great fit for SalmonState, and we look forward to helping steer it in the years ahead.”

While SHIP’s core mission — providing Alaska’s commercial fishermen with information and opportunities for action in support of healthy salmon habitat — remains the same, fishermen and supporters will see an increase in communication, information and actionable items in their inboxes and social media feeds in order to ensure that harvesters have input in policy decisions impacting salmon habitat in Alaska.

The Alaska Salmon Habitat Information Program’s priorities are:

  1. Protect Alaska’s high-value, intact fish habitat.
  2. Increase public and political understanding and appreciation for Alaska’s commercial fisheries and their contributions at the local/state/national levels.
  3. Unite Alaska’s commercial fishermen who share these core values and ensure that their voice is present in decision-making processes.

“The SHIP program and SalmonState will complement each other with staff, many of whom are themselves commercial fishermen, who are well versed in salmon habitat issues and how they relate to commercial fishing,” said longtime Alaska fisherman and SHIP program founder Chip Treinen.

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