TV Personality ‘The Bear Whisperer’ Faces Charges Of Illegal Kenai Black Bear Kill

The reality TV hunting show host known as “The Bear Whisperer” is in hot water after being charged with an illegal black bear kill in Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Here’s more from the Daily Beast:

Harvey Neil Anthony, who goes by Blaine Anthony professionally, violated the Lacey Act when he shot and killed a black bear in Alaska’s Kenai Fjords National Park, then lied on official paperwork about where the animal had been bagged, prosecutors say.

“Black bears occur throughout the Park and represent a significant wildlife component of its ecosystem,” the complaint explains. “Hunting is prohibited in the Park.”

The Lacey Act, which was first enacted in 1900, bans the trafficking of wildlife that has been unlawfully taken or transported. …

Anthony, 55, produces and stars in The Bear Whisperer, a hunting show in which he “aims to not only entertain viewers with upbeat and exciting hunts with Blaine’s quirky appearance and upbeat attitude, but also educate them on all that pertains to conserving and protecting the future of the bears.”