Trump Says He’ll Look At ‘Both Sides’ In Pebble Mine Talks

Now that one of President Trump’s sons has voiced his disdain for the Pebble Mine project, the president will have to make up his own mind whether the mine will indeed become a reality in salmon-rich Bristol Bay.

Trump, who infamously muttered the words “both sides” when asked about the deadly clash between white supremacists and anti-racism groups in Charlottesville, Virginia, went the both sides route again when pressed about his thoughts on the Pebble Mine.

Here’s more from Becky Bohrer of the Associated Press in Alaska:

“I’ve done a lot for Alaska. I love Alaska. It’s a special place,” Trump said. …

… Mike Heatwole, a Pebble spokesperson, said the Trump administration “has already spoken” about the project through that review process.

“Recall that this administration is the one that brought the Pebble issue away from the political route pursued by the preemptive veto of the Obama-era EPA and back to the traditional regulatory review process,” he said by email.