Tongass NF’s Mendenhall Campground Open Again After Flooding

The following is courtesy of the USDA Forest Service:

JUNEAU, Alaska, August 8, 2023 — The Juneau Ranger District is re-opening most of the Mendenhall Campground, as the flood waters have receded enough to provide access to the sites.

But due to being undercut by the recent flood, a section of road is being closed and much of the normally one-way, main loop will become a two-way road. Visitors are asked to heed posted signs and use caution when navigating the campground.

The Mendenhall Campground will remain open until September 11th, when District staff will begin maintenance and repairs to make sure the site is ready for next spring.

For more information about the campground, please contact Juneau District District Ranger Tristan Fluharty (907-789-6244,

For interviews and information to be used for publication, contact the Tongass Public Affairs Officer at 907-617-2063 or