Tongass National Forest Accepting Situk River-area Proposals For Guiding/Outfitter Ideas

The following is courtesy of the Tongass National Forest and the U.S. Forest Service:

YAKUTAT, Alaska, March 25, 2022The Forest Service is seeking proposals from individuals, businesses, or organizations interested in offering outfitter or guiding opportunities on National Forest System land within the Situk River corridor of the Yakutat Ranger District. This request for proposals is intended to determine level of interest and identify next steps for issuing special use permits to interested parties.

Outfitters and guides typically offer paid services such as gear and equipment rentals or recreation experiences led by an expert guide. They are required to have a special use permit issued by the USDA Forest Service to operate on the national forest.

“Outfitters and guides are important partners,” said Lee Benson, Yakutat District Ranger. “They help open the doors to opportunities for people who may not have the skills, experience, or equipment needed to do it on their own, and they help people experience the national forest in new and exciting ways.”

The purpose of this public notice is to determine whether sufficient competitive interest exists that would warrant issuance of a prospectus. Depending on the level of interest expressed in response to this request for proposals, the process for issuing special use permits may be competitive or noncompetitive. The Forest Service may or may not issue authorizations from responses to this request. 

“The Tongass National Forest is committed to connecting visitors with nature and partnering with organizations who provide quality outdoor opportunities.,” said Benson. “We encourage outfitter and guides that serve youth and underrepresented groups to submit proposals.”

Proposals are being accepted through May 12. More information and proposal documents can be found at Questions about special use permits and this request for proposals may be directed to Teresa Swanson, Yakutat District resource assistant, at (907) 784-3359 or