Thinking About Alaska? Try These Tips

The following is courtesy of Pete and Hanna Robbins of Half Past First Cast:

We just returned from our first trip to Alaska since 2020, and the one remaining question is why we waited so long. The fishing is incredible, the scenery is breathtaking and everyone there seems to be happy all of the time (well, maybe not in December). We once again stayed at Bear Trail Lodge, and they’re an outfitter that we HIGHLY recommend, but no matter what your preferences, your travel style or your budget, there’s an Alaskan option that’s right for you. We’re already trying to figure out when we’ll go back, but if you want advice we’re always happy to offer it. Just email us and let’s get the ball rolling.
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That’s not all of it, so please continue to check out the website daily, and we promise to provide lots more content to explain one of our newest obsessions.