The Wild, The Breach Director On Protecting Bristol Bay, Next Movie Project

The following is courtesy of Mark Titus, director of the salmon documentary films The Breach and The Wild:

Bristol Bay just had another record-smashing year, witnessing 78.3 million salmon return to their sacred birth-houses.
This long, current chapter of working to protect them is now drawing to a close. If you’re reading this, you have likely signed a letter to the EPA before, imploring the agency to use their authority and protect Bristol Bay. We are right up against the precipice here with only 5 days remaining to comment – one. more. time.
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If you’ve done this in years’ past before, thank you. Please do it again.
If you’ve never voiced your opinion about keeping the last fully-intactwild salmon system in the world protected for generations to come, now is your chance and your duty, if you love wild salmon.
As beloved former first-lady of Alaska, the late Bella Hammond said in The Wild, “I think we just have to keep beating on the drum. Anything that you really treasure, you have to speak out, speak out loud not just once or twice, but constantly.”~ photo courtesy of Heidi Hammond
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Weeks ago, I posted The Breach and The Wild up on YouTube for you to watch and share far and wide for free. The intention was to keep it up on YouTube for free until September 6th to give folks who haven’t watched the films or don’t know about Bristol Bay more context – and get them stoked to take action.   
Lots of folks have. And in celebration of all of us taking action together, let’s give it a little longer – and keep it up there until the end of September. Please watch and gift the films to  friends and family. Click below!
Watch the films, comment to the EPA, order salmon and subscribe to my Save What You Love podcast all by clicking the button below. Say YES to wild salmon. Say YES to Bristol Bay. Share widely. Go nuts!…
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All summer, we’ve been hard at work filming the last chapter in the The Breach trilogy, The Turn. If you love this kind of authentic storytelling we’re creating, and want to see more of it – or if you love the thought of using your dollars to protect places like Bristol Bay – or if just want to go one step further and get some real skin in the game supporting the vision of this Community we’re building, I’d like to invite you to consider investing in Eva’s Wild.
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We’re still in the testing the waters phase with regulation crowdfunding platform, WeFunder. We’re perched right on the edge of getting ready to go far and wide with this campaign, where we (and you) will be able to post and share this on social and earned media for anyone to participate.
Right now, it’s still exclusively open to you – friends and family – to support the production of The Turn for a 2024 release and the funding of Eva’s Wild into the thriving bioregional mercantile we’re building it to be.