The Wild Director Mark Titus Starting New Podcast (Updated)

The following is courtesy of Mark Titus, director of the salmon documentaries The Breach and The Wild: (UPDATE: The podcast begins on Monday, not Tuesday):

Mark Titus
Listen to the Trailer
We launch next Monday, 02.22!
So very excited to bring you this new podcast.   
Here’s the skinny: 
Wild salmon give their very lives so that life itself can continue. They are the inspiration for each episode asking change-makers in this world what they are doing to save the things they love most. Join me as we connect with extraordinary humans saving what they love through radical compassion and meaningful action.

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Week One (02.22)
I sat down with Yupik artist, (and luminary in The Wild)Apay’uq Moore (below, left) and beloved novelist, David James Duncan (The River WhyThe Brothers K – below, right) to ask them how they go about saving the things they love most. We talk about Bristol Bay and the proposed Pebble Mine; the sanctity of food; David’s new forthcoming novel, Sun House (that he actually reads from!); convergence & murmuration; dualism vs. contemplation and a great salmon awakening.(Spawners, by Apay’uq Moore, above)

I’m collaborating with my incredible cohort of doers in Salmon Nationon this project. Every Monday we’ll dive into the deep end with a new change-making, incredible human being. Each episode runs about an hour. You can find SWYL on Apple PodcastsSpotifyStitcher, or wherever you get your fiendish audio delights.

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