The Kid Is Alright! 12-Year-Old Wins Women’s Valdez Silver Derby

Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby champion Maleah Chapin. (VALDEZ FISH DERBIES_


The following is courtesy of Valdez Fish Derbies:


VALDEZ, Alaska – “Being crowned something or anything is just a bit shocking to me”, 12-year-old Maleah Chapin said after being crowned Queen of the Silver Salmon Sisterhood on Saturday in Valdez. Chapin caught a 13.46 pound silver salmon to take the top prize in the Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby and was very emotional as she took the stage to receive her tiara and don the ceremonial pink bathrobe. As soon as 2nd place was announced at the Civic Center Saturday night Chapin and her family knew she was the winner. “Seeing how my mother’s face was, was really incredible. I love her so much,” Chapin said. “Whenever you see somebody and they get crowned for anything, you never think it’s a really big deal. When you actually get crowned, it’s like …wow!”

Chapin won $1,000 cash and $1,000 in prizes from Prospector Outfitters in addition to the tiara and bathrobe. When asked what she would do with the money she said she would use it for school. Chapin’s big fish also won the 1st place daily prize in the regular silver salmon derby and she is currently in 2nd place overall and could win more cash if her fish holds on through the end of the derby September 1st. Rowena Palomar of Valdez took 2nd place in the Women’s Derby, garnered herself the 2nd place daily prize and is currently holding 3rd place in the Silver Salmon Derby. The 3rd place winner in the Women’s Derby was 11-year-old Lily Lindquist of Peoria, Arizona who reeled in a 12.62 pound silver salmon. Lindquist commented. “I thought it was really small, but when it came out of the water it was huge.”

Silver salmon seem to be schooled up out at Goose Point and beyond and scattered just about everywhere in the Sound. “The seiners are really scattering the fish, but they always re-group and follow the shoreline in,” said Charter Captain Sanoe Deaver. “I have even fished at Entrance Island and they are jumping there and I have seen them there. They are working their way in.” Although fishing inside the Port and just outside the narrows was spotty and a bit sparse on Saturday, there was a top 10 fish caught from the shore at Allison Point in the Women’s Derby. Anglers should have great luck fishing from shore at Allison Point and in Port Valdez, the final weeks of the derby. The Valdez Silver Salmon Derby and Valdez Halibut Derby end Sunday, September 1st at noon.

In the Valdez Halibut Derby, Christine Ives of Fairbanks is still leading with the 285.6 pound halibut she caught June 6th. Christopher Barnes of Moorhead, Minnesota is currently in 2nd place overall with a 225.6 pound halibut and Joshua Curry of Valdez is holding onto 3rd place right now with a 213. 4 pound halibut.

Halibut Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        Christine Ives              Fairbanks, AK            285.6 lbs.         June 6              Nunatak
2nd       Christopher Barnes     Moorhead, MN           225.6 lbs.         June 24            Sea Quester
3rd        Joshua Curry               Valdez, AK                 213.4 lbs.         July 21            Mistress

Halibut Derby – Weekly Winners

1st                Thomasz Symanowski  Wasilla, AK                 181.6 lbs.         Aug 9               Jamie Lynn
2nd        Jake Simcik                  Still Water, MN            147.8 lbs.         Aug 5                Halibut Grove

Silver Derby – Overall Leaders

1st        James Scheirel             Paynesville, MN           13.88 lbs.         Aug 8               Sue Q
2nd        Maleah Chapin             Pasco, WA                   13.46 lbs.         Aug 10
3rd        Rowena Palomar          Valdez, AK                  13.34 lbs.         Aug 10

Valdez Women’s Silver Salmon Derby 2019 – TOP 50

1st Maleah Chapin Pasco, WA 13.46 lbs.
2nd Rowena Palomar Valdez, AK 13.34 lbs.
3rd Lily Lindquist Peoria, AZ 12.62 lbs.
4th Sherri Anderson Valdez, AK 12.48 lbs.
5th Beverly Reynolds Tijeras, NM 12.32 lbs.
6th Emily Chase Valdez, AK 11.70 lbs.
7th Verla Austin Wasilla, AK 11.70 lbs.
8th Bernadette Irish Valdez, AK 11.62 lbs.
9th Bonnie Saxum Valdez, AK 11.54 lbs.
10th Mary Stover Fairbanks, AK 11.44 lbs.
11th Bailey Bryant-Alexander Gillette, WY 11.38 lbs.
12th Sarah Sparks North Pole, AK 11.36 lbs.
13th Shelley Greenwood Anchorage, AK 11.24 lbs.
14th Kamille Sickels Grangeville, ID 11.18 lbs.
15th Rachel Sutton Valdez, AK 11.14 lbs.
16th Virginia Miller Shoreview, MN 11.08 lbs.
17th Shannon Heaps Eagle River, AK 11.00 lbs.
18th Sharon Lais Slayton, MN 10.88 lbs.
19th Moya Pilo Quito, Ecuador 10.82 lbs.
20th Jaruwan Kaewprasert Anchorage, AK 10.76 lbs.
21st Margaret Chesley Spokane, WA 10.70 lbs.
22nd Sheila Lint Delta Junction, AK 10.68 lbs.
23rd Tammy Hill Valdez, AK 10.66 lbs.
24th Lori Campbell Fairbanks, AK 10.64 lbs.
25th Brenda Roberts Sioux Falls, SD 10.62 lbs.
26th Chris Palmenberg Arlington, WA 10.62 lbs.
27th Cynthia Clements Valdez, AK 10.60 lbs.
28th Hayley Nielsen Surprise, AZ 10.60 lbs.
29th Jolene Hoeb Columbus, OH 10.54 lbs.
30th Kaidenn Meyers Cottonwood, AZ 10.50 lbs.
31st Tori Waterfield New Port News, VA 10.42 lbs.
32nd Signe Towne Valdez, AK 10.34 lbs.
33rd Kelsey Galfo Valdez, AK 10.32 lbs.
34th Brittany Lais Big Lake, AK 10.32 lbs.
35th Caitlin Neahr Valdez, AK 10.30 lbs.
36th Elaine Jamerson Ellensburg, WA 10.30 lbs.
37th Lynda Hernandez Anchorage, AK 10.28 lbs.
38th Denise O’Brien Valdez, AK 10.28 lbs.
39th Terri Olsen Fairbanks, AK 10.26 lbs.
40th Anne Branshaw Valdez, AK 10.24 lbs.
41st Shawana Glade North Pole, AK 10.20 lbs.
42nd Sarah Arts Eagle River, AK 10.18 lbs.