Susitna River To Have Several King Salmon Fishing Restrictions

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

King Salmon Restrictions in the Susitna River Drainages

(Palmer) – In favor of protecting returning king salmon and ensuring sport fishing opportunities in the future, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) is implementing the following sport fishing regulations for Units 1–6 of the Susitna River drainage effective 6:00 a.m. Monday, May 1 through 11:59 p.m. Thursday, July 13, 2023. King salmon fishing is closed in the Susitna River drainage, except for the Yentna River drainage. Any king salmon caught incidentally while fishing for other species may not be removed from the water and must be released immediately. Sport fishing for king salmon on the Yentna River drainage (Unit 4 of the Susitna River) is restricted to catch-and-release. Sport fishing gear is restricted to one unbaited, single-hook, artificial lure in all waters of the Susitna River drainage. A single-hook is defined as a hook with only one point.

“Last season, king salmon stocks on the Deshka, Eastside, and Talkeetna Rivers returned at historically low levels. Low runs are again expected in these same areas of the Susitna drainage this season, warranting starting the season closed if we are to achieve escapement goals,” stated Area Management Biologist Sam Ivey. “Recent years’ performance of the Yentna stock in achieving its management objective warrants starting with catch-and-release fishing there.”

In addition to these management actions to the sport fishery, the Northern District commercial king salmon fishery will also be closed. Data gathered from weirs, fishwheels, boat surveys, and aerial surveys will be used to gauge run strength during the season.

For additional information, please contact Area Management Biologist Sam Ivey in Palmer at (907) 746-6300.