Survival: Easy Way to Start a Fire

This may be one of the easiest way to start a fire. The guy from Stephenson Prepper uses cotton ball, petrolium jelly and a flint with a scraper. You don’t need to have the same bracelet as with flint/scraper as shown in the video.

Video Transcription:

[Speaker]: Today Im’ma be showing you a little video how petrolium jelly and a cotton ball can make a good fire. It actually lasts about four minutes actually burning. And this is how you can store ’em, You go ahead and pre-mix ’em, keep ’em in a ziplock bag, makes ’em water-tight.

I’m gonna start with my bracelet today. You can get these bracelets on Amazon. Just look up ‘Bracelet with Flint’, and you should find the link.
This is what it looks like. You gotta take it, put it down through the hole to get it. Much easier to start it. You can use a little washer that’s connected on the end to actually start it.

You can see I’ve done a couple things with it, where it’s kinda shiny on the side, and the paint’s still on this side. You do have to get the paint off of it by striking it multiple times. Hopefully I’ve got enough paint off it on this side to make it work.
[starts fire]
And there you go. That’s how you can get a fire started. Let me take this down.

Demonstrated by StephensonPrepper Youtube