Beer Can – the Ultimate Survivalist Camping Stove

Adventurer Tom Allen and his friend demonstrates how to make a stove with the minimal materials.

Beer Can
Get a beer can or any aluminum can, the larger the better and have a knife or a pair scissors. This whole process is very simple to do.

Cut the top of beer can at the top ridge.
Cut beer can in half and get it to 2-3 inches high on both can.
Dent the bottom half can with a knife all the way around, when done place the top piece together.
Make a little hole with the thumbtack
Pour some rubbing alcohol into the and light it up, now you’re ready to start cooking, boil some water.
Turn off the flames by smothering it with a cup.

Watch the video to see it in action.

How To Turn A Beer Can Into The Only Camping Stove You’ll Ever Need from Tom Allen on Vimeo.

Pretty cool, huh?

Sure this stove isn’t the solution for every back country situation, but if you’re mobile and pack light, this is a good option.

This stove burns alcohol fuels, but works best with isopropyl alcohol (rubbing alcohol). This is available over the counter at most pharmacies and grocery stores which sells for a couple of bucks.

Turning the stove off is easy. Just smother it with a cup, and within a few minutes the burner will be cool to the touch.

As always, we recommend you exercise caution when dealing with flammable materials.

by Matt Alpert revised by AKStaff
Source: Tom Allen Vimeo