State Says 62 Prince Of Wales Island Wolves Harvested In Month-Long Trapping Season

Local trappers were not pleased when the state reduced the Prince of Wales Island wolf season to just a month-long season from mid-November to mid-December. KTOO reported earlier this week that a total of 62 wolves were harvested during the season. Here’s more info as trappers also objected to the the timing of when the season was held.

Trapper Devin Dalin submitted a letter to Ketchikan’s Fish and Game Advisory Committee explaining why he feels that the wolf harvest should be moved to the beginning of March. Dalin was a member of the committee until his term expired this past summer.

“March offers better weather and longer days which gives the trapper a safer and more effective time of year to trap,” Dalin wrote in the letter “Along with it being warmer weather and longer days in March. March also offers trappers a break as they do not have to compete with deer hunters, and or duck hunters in their trapline area.”

He also addressed the committee at a recent meeting.

“A lot of people have complained for years about ice in November, in December, and snow, and can’t access areas, bad weather, short days,” Dalin said.

Conservationists also weren’t happy with the number of wolves that were taken during the season, so clearly everyone is not on the same page here.