State Opening Hatchery King Salmon Fishery At Hidden Falls On June 1

The following is courtesy of the Alaska Department of Fish and Game:

(Sitka) – Beginning Monday, June 1, through Sunday, June 14, 2020, the king salmon regulations in the vicinity of Hidden Falls Hatchery are as follows:

  • In the waters (crosshatched areaSee Map) within one nautical mile of the Baranof Island shoreline south of the latitude of South Point and north of 57°06.83? N. lat. excluding waters of Kelp Bay and east a line from 57°13.18′ N. latitude, 134°51.88′ W. longitude to 57°12.91′ N. latitude, 134°51.50′ W. longitude to 57°12.81′ N. latitude, 134°51.48′ W. longitude to a point on the Baranof Island shore at 57°12.65′ N. latitude, 134°51.48′ W. longitude; 
    • The bag and possession limit for all anglers is one king salmon 28 inches or greater in length;
    • The nonresident annual harvest limit is three king salmon 28 inches or greater in length;
  • In the remaining waters of Kasnyku Bay identified by the black shaded area (See Map); 
    • Closed to sport fishing for salmon.

King salmon returning to Hidden Falls Hatchery are expected to meet broodstock goals in 2020 allowing for some harvest opportunity for these king salmon of hatchery origin. For further information, contact the Sitka ADF&G office at 907-747-5355 or visit:

Sport Fishing For King Salmon Near Hidden Falls Opens