State Imposes Closure Of Fortymile Caribou Hunt Along Stretch Of Taylor Highway

Here’s the link to the Alaska Department of Fish and Game release and the imposed regulations:

Due to safety concerns, a no-caribou-hunting corridor will be implemented along a portion of the Taylor Highway. Effective at 11:59 PM September 9, 2020, caribou hunting will not be allowed within 100 feet from either side of the road, including the drivable surface of the road, in the portion of Unit 20E between mileposts 75.5 and 115.4 of the Taylor Highway, and along the entire length of the Top of the World Highway (Boundary Cutoff). The corridor will be closed to the taking of caribou during the remainder of the RC860 state Fortymile caribou season. Any hunter, as well as caribou, must be a minimum of 100 feet away from the edge of the road before the hunter may attempt to harvest a caribou.

Harvest of the Fortymile caribou herd is guided by the 2019–2023 Fortymile Herd Harvest Management Plan. The use of temporary closures in road corridors is recommended under the harvest plan when the herd crosses highways to address safety issues. Reports of caribou being shot on the highway and hunters shooting parallel to the road have been verified in recent days as a portion of the herd approached and began crossing the road in this area.

Hunters should be aware of local ordinances and restrictions aimed at preventing the spread of COVID-19. Please respect any local restrictions, wear face coverings and practice social distancing when in communities in or near the hunt area. Hunters may want to call ahead to find out if local communities have supplies available for sale.