Starting July 1, Permits Requires For Brooks River Corridor Visitors

The following is courtesy of the National Park Service:

National Park Service photo by R. Taylor

KING SALMON, Alaska –– New this year, from July 1– October 31, 2022, permits will be required for access to the Brooks River Corridor. Reservations will open to the public beginning June 28, 2022 at 8:00 am AKST on Permits are free but include a $6 booking fee.  Each permit will be valid for 7 days with a maximum group size of 6 individuals. 

The Brooks River Corridor includes the river itself and 50 yards from the water on either side along the banks. This does not include trails, boardwalks, or wildlife viewing platforms. The Brooks River Corridor is used primarily for fishing, bear viewing and photography and the intent is that the introduction of this new permit system will ensure a safer and more compliant experience for visitors using the river. The permit system will also serve as an integral planning and management tool to enhance visitor safety, compliance, and resource protection. The new permit system will build on other actions taken to manage the Brooks River Corridor within the park’s 1987 General Management Plan (GMP).  

The Brooks River is an important food source for the Alaskan brown bear. Bear populations and human presence has been steadily increasing to levels that pose an inherent risk to visitor and resource safety.