Sow Bear With Cubs Mauls Michigan Hunter In Glennallen Area

Terrifying moments for a hunter in Southcentral Alaska. Here’s more from Alaska’s News Source:

A hunter from Michigan survived an attack from a sow grizzly bear near Glennallen, and was safely rescued and taken to a nearby ambulance by Alaska Wildlife Troopers.

According to an online dispatch, 33-year-old Nicholas Kuperus and his hunting partners abruptly came across a sow grizzly with three cubs while hunting 60 miles north of Glennallen near the East Fork Indian River.

Here’s the complete Alaska State/Wildlife Troopers dispatch:


Location: Glennallen

Type: SAR/bear mauling

Dispatch Text:

On September 6, 2022 at 5:13 pm, Alaska Wildlife Troopers in Glennallen received a report of a bear mauling approximately 60 miles north of Glennallen in the upper East Fork Indian River. The victim, Nicholas Kuperus, age 33 of Michigan, and his hunting partners surprised a sow grizzly bear with three cubs. Kuperus was attacked by the sow and received serious puncture wounds to his arms but was able to deter and stop the attack using bear spray. Alaska Wildlife Troopers established communication with Kuperus via satellite communication device and responded from Glennallen in a State aircraft (PA-18 Super Cub), located a place to land on a nearby ridgetop, and transported him to an ambulance in Glennallen.