Southeast Alaska Steelhead Discovery Film To Debut On Thursday Afternoon

The following is courtesy of Wild Steelheaders and America’s Salmon Forest Teams:

We’re excited to tell you about an amazing new project we have been working on in partnership with America’s Salmon Forest!

Next Thursday, we will launch a short film telling the story of ongoing work to find undocumented – thus unprotected – wild steelhead in the Tongass National Forest. ANADROMOUS WATERS, will be released as part of Trout Unlimited’s “Science Week,” and we have plenty of online events leading up to it. 

A preview: Southeast Alaska is home to around 320 known steelhead streams. But Mark Hieronymus, Trout Unlimited’s Alaska Science Coordinator, believes the true number is probably twice that. However, that’s a problem because if steelhead aren’t listed in the Anadromous Waters Catalog for that particular river, their habitat isn’t afforded the conservation measures they deserve.

So, Mark’s set out to find them. A couple years in, and his project turned out slower, more tedious, and more personally important than Hieronymus first imagined.

Join us next week as we share this amazing story of discovery and what comes next.
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INSTAGRAM LIVE: Thursday at 3:00 pm PT, we will be going live on Instagram to learn Mark’s vision for finding undocumented wild salmon and steelhead streams.If you’ve never watched an Instagram live event before, we are hosting the events in partnership with the Trout Unlimited page. Navigate to the @troutunlimited account using the search magnifying glass icon. At the top left of the profile, click the circle image with the logo. It will prompt you to select, “View Story” or “Watch Live Video” The “live” conversation will remain posted for 24 hours if you miss it. But if you join during the conversation, you can participate by asking questions or leaving comments in the box at the bottom of your screen.
FILM PREMIERE: Join us Thursday at 4:00 pm PT on our YouTube channel as we release our new film, ANADROMOUS WATERS, by Josh Duplechian from Trout Unlimited.This is a hopeful project that you won’t want to miss. We look forward to seeing you online. 


The Wild Steelheaders United & America’s Salmon Forest Teams