Shocking Discovery: Brawling Moose Found Frozen In Ice

The above photo is shocking, to say the least. But that’s ineed two Alaskan moose frozen in ice while apparently locking antlers with each other.

National Geographic has more:

Two bull moose ended up locked in mortal combat forever, their final battle literally frozen in time.

Two hikers found the animals earlier this month encased in eight inches of ice in Unalakleet, Alaska, along the Bering Sea.

“Two bulls got in a tussle over some ladies … and ended up being put on ice,” Jeff Erickson, who was invited to see the moose by the hikers, wrote on Facebook. “The plan is to remove [them] intact for a very unique head mount.”

In fact, Erickson wrote a few days later that the moose had been removed from the ice. “Now to get them cleaned up,” he wrote.

Finding and removing the moose was “likely [a] once in a lifetime experience,” he added.

The moose was first found by Erickson’s friend Brad Webster, a science and social studies teacher who was touring the grounds of a Bible camp that he maintains with a friend named Chris, who was new to Alaska.