Seward Silver Derby Results

The Seward Silver Salmon Derby wrapped up its run on Sunday. Here are the results:

Heaviest Fish Overall

1Timothy Kain13.98KingsportAug. 16, 2023
2Jerry Martens13.09AnchorageAug. 16, 2023
3Brian Mcgarry12.64GoldenAug. 15, 2023
4Kodi Straight12.57AnchorageAug. 14, 2023
5David D Blehm11.94PalmerAug. 18, 2023
6Paul Paquette11.92SewardAug. 16, 2023
7Trudi Gittlein11.90WasillaAug. 18, 2023
8Jessica Greven11.86GettysburgAug. 18, 2023
9Robert Nibert11.81Big LakeAug. 17, 2023
10Blue Price11.76WasilllaAug. 20, 2023

* Data updated every 90 seconds during tournament time.

Heaviest Fish – Women

1Trudi Gittlein11.90Wasilla
2Jessica Greven11.86Gettysburg
3Ashley Mclean11.33Soldotna
4Leah Anderson10.90Sterling
5Kara Axx10.81Fairbanks

* Data updated every 90 seconds during tournament time.

Top Junior Fish

1Jensen R Ekelmann10.74Palmer
2Michael Trudeau10.31Wasilla
3Johnny Codd-Noor10.18Oakland
4Noah Cabaniss9.96Palmer
5James A Cottrell VI9.42Palmer

Tournament Stats

Registered Teams:1
Registered Anglers:1345
Silver Salmon Catches:1586
Total Silver Salmon Weight:9589.16
Total Points (all):1586