Setting Up Discussion Topics After Murwkowski’s Salmon Roundtable

Here’s Senator Lisa Murkowski with how Alaskans and listen to the topics and add their own comment:

Salmon Roundtable Portal

In Senator Murkowski’s ongoing conversations with Alaskans, one of the most consistently raised concerns is our salmon. Senator Murkowski, alongside Senator Sullivan and Congressman Young, all R-Alaska, hosted a Salmon Roundtable this week to bring together stakeholders to better understand the root cause of the salmon declines and to identify data gaps to help guide solutions. The roundtable allowed salmon researchers, as well as concerned Alaskans, to join together in one (virtual) room as we all work together to forge the best path forward for this critical resource. 

Building on the thoughtful discussion shared during the Salmon Roundtable, Senator Murkowski is interested in hearing additional thoughts and feedback from Alaskans. Please consider submitting responses for any or all of the questions below. 

If you prefer to leave verbal feedback, please contact (202)-224-6665. Please preface your call to let them know you participated in the Alaska Congressional Delegation’s Salmon Roundtable and would like to leave suggestions to be shared with the Senator and her team. This portal will be open for comments until January 14, 2022.

For those unable to attend the virtual Salmon Roundtable, video clips are available at the link below. If you choose to review the clips, please feel free to respond to the questions below, or share any additional thoughts you have on the matter.

Salmon Roundtable Day 1 (Introductory remarks by the Alaska Congressional DelegationCommunity Panel

Salmon Roundtable Day 2 

Thank you for your interest and engagement on this important topic.