Selling Moose Meat On Facebook? Only In Alaska; And Perhaps Illegal?

Moose meat for sale on Facebook? You probably wouldn’t see that too often, but it’s feasible to have it happen in rural areas of Alaska. A Bethel man could be in trouble for doing just that, though it is a slippery slope. Here’s more for Alaska’s KTOO Public Media via Bethel’s KYUK:

Last week, a post advertising moose meat popped up with a picture of what appeared to be one-gallon, plastic Ziploc bags, saying, “Moose meat and ribs $25 a bag. Text this phone number.”

Alaska Wildlife Trooper Walter Blajeski called the number and spoke with a man named Arnold Lupie. Lupie confirmed that, yes, he had posted the ad, but said that, no, he had not sold any meat. Blajeski issued Lupie a citation and an order to appear in court. The citation is a minor violation, equivalent to a traffic ticket. If Lupie had sold the meat, he could have received a misdemeanor charge.

“Now obviously, each situation is going to be somewhat different,” Blajeski explained. “The scale and size and scope of that operation will be taken into account.”