Search Back On For Plane Crash Survivors In Denali NP (Update)

As of Monday morning, search-and-rescue teams are back in Denali National Park hoping to find survivors of a crash of a sightseeing plane on Saturday.  

Here’s more from the Anchorage Daily News:

The crashed plane is a de Havilland Beaver operated by K2 Aviation out of Talkeetna. It’s believed to have crashed around 6 p.m. Saturday at about a 10,500-foot elevation at a location known unofficially as “Thunder Mountain.”

Two HH-60 rescue helicopters operated by the Alaska Air National Guard launched shortly after 1 p.m. Sunday were unable to spot the crash site, she said.

“The helicopters were not able to make any kind of visual contact or get close to the area,” Belcher said. “They’ll try again at 7 a.m, depending on the weather. There’s supposed to be a small  window of opportunity to get closer and hopefully lay eyes on the crash.”

The crash occurred near the 10,920-foot summit, Belcher said.

Update: The Daily News says the plane carried the pilot and four tourists from Poland.