SalmonState On EPA’s Timetable To Protect Bristol Bay

The Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement on Wednesday of its next steps to possibly offer more protections to the Bristol Bay watershed, local organizations like the United Tribes of Bristol Bay and Trout Unlimited reacted positively. SalmonState offered its own reaction today:

SalmonState applauds EPA timeline for Bristol Bay protections

HOMER—SalmonState applauds the EPA for setting a deadline for permanent Clean Water Act Protections for Bristol Bay.

“Bristol Bay is home to the largest sockeye salmon run on the planet,” said SalmonState executive director Tim Bristol. “It creates thousands of jobs, supports traditional ways of life, and broke records again this year. Alaskans, and Americans, know better than to put that at risk. This announcement makes clear that the Biden Administration does, as well. We applaud them for following through on their promise to defend this American treasure, and the jobs and ways of life it supports.”

Following the EPA’s proposed timeline, permanent protections for Bristol Bay could be in place next summer.

SalmonState works to keep Alaska a place wild salmon and the people who depend on them thrive.