Restoration Work On Southeast Alaska’s Margaret Creek Should Benefit Fish, Wildlife

Here’s more from KRBD on the project, which is expected to aid salmon and other wildlife in the area, located within Tongass National Forest.

Crews placed more than 20 logs in the stream to help give salmon a place to rest, and removed four log culverts that were blocking fish passage. Workers also removed 1,000 feet of packed soil and added other debris to create more than 200 meters of habitat. …

“Once implementation happened, it was smooth, that went really well,” Hyde said. “But yeah, I guess the planning stage just getting up getting everything ready to get this off the ground was probably the hardest part.”

And he said the project could have impacts on more than just the salmon.

“You know, it affects everything in the ecosystem,” Hyde explained. “So it’s more food for the eagles, for bears, for wolves.”