Prince Of Wales Hunter Fined After Pleading Out Illegal Moose Killing

A Prince of Wales Island resident pleaded guilty and will pay fines over an illegal moose killing from last fall. Here’s the Alaska State Troopers dispatch:

Location: Prince of Wales Island

Type: Conviction: Moose Season and Bag Limits, Permit Hunt Conditions, Unlawful Possession and Transport

Dispatch Text:

On 4/5/2022, Kane Martin (50 y/o) of Craig plead guilty in the Petersburg District Court to one count each of violating GMU 3 Moose Season and Bag Limits, Permit Hunt Conditions, and Unlawful Possession and Transportation of Game.

The conviction stems from an incident on 10/4/2021 near Kake when Martin harvested a bull moose that did not meet the antler configuration as required by regulation. The moose was brought back to Prince of Wales Island without the antlers and lower jaw. Martin was contacted by AWT at a private dock and gave misleading information concerning the harvested moose which he had in his vessel. AWT investigated the incident and charged Martin with three class A Misdemeanors in which he was convicted of.

He was sentenced $6,000 with $3,000 suspended with probationary period of 3 years. Loss of his hunting privileges’ for a period of 2 years and cannot be in the field with another person engaging in hunting. Pay restitution of $1,000 for the moose. Forfeiture of the rifle used to take the moose.