Petersburg Teenager Pleads Guilty To Running Over Deer


Note: The video below may be disturbing for some to watch

A Petersburg teenager was ordered to pay a $3,000 fine for intentionally running over two deer.  Here’s the Anchorage Daily News

Seventeen-year-old Sebastian Davis pleaded guilty to harassing game and taking game with a motorized vehicle, online records show.

“The guilty plea is the result of an Alaska Wildlife Trooper investigation that showed Davis intentionally struck two deer with his vehicle near Petersburg on February 5th 2018,” troopers said in a written statement.

In February, a 5-second video of the incident that had been posted to Snapchat began circulating online. Shot from inside a vehicle, it appears to show deer walking on the side of the road that are then hit by the car, followed by a burst of laughter from the people inside.