Non-Shocker Of The Year: Forbes Names Alaska Best Hunting State

Forbes magazine ranked America’s best states for hunting. Can you guess which of the 50 the famed business publication ranked first. Here’s the simple explanation from the story:

1. Alaska. If you’re already a hunter, this choice needs no explanation. It’s the Jurassic Park of big game hunting. Inside of every American hunter is the flickering flame of desire to one day travel to the wildest place on Earth, to walk the land that time seems to have forgotten. From brown bears the size of Volkswagen buses to vast herds of caribou, the biggest moose in the world, not to mention elk, sheep, mountain goats, grizzlies, black bears—oh my—the Last Frontier is the original sportsman’s paradise (sorry Louisiana).

For perspective, here’s how Forbes rounded out its 10 best:

2. Colorado

3. Montana

4. Arizona

5. Wisconsin

6. Kansas

7. New Mexico

8. Texas

9. South Dakota

10. Louisiana