News From The Pending Premiere Of The Wild

The following press release is courtesy of The Wild film:

In addition to eating wild salmon, a great and simple thing you could do is help us increase our audience for The Wild, our forthcoming sequel.
As you probably know, social media is now essential to spread the word about global issues and make the impact of a documentary like The Wild even greater – through passionate  and vibrant communities like ours.
So, here are a few ways we’ve come up with for you to help – while sharing some love in return…
1. You could win a dinner for two at Tom Douglas’ wild-salmon lovin’,Etta’s Restaurant along with a signed DVD copy of The Breach!!
If you don’t want to miss out on this opportunity, all you have to do is LIKE and SHARE The Wild Facebook page to your personal page AND (if you are on Instagram) Follow our Instagram feed@thewildfilm before 5pm this Friday (TOMORROW!)  Don’t worry, if you share, we’ll find you and let you know if you won…

2. I will have the privilege to be a speaker at Fisherman’s Feast, at Tom Douglas’ Dahlia Loungerestaurant on May 24th!
This event will celebrate some of the best seafood purveyors in the Northwest, and feature sustainable and local shellfish and fin-fish. Sign up for the dinner and mention The Wild to receive a free signed DVD copy of The Breach!
And feel free to to share the event!

3. The story at the start of it all, The Breach, will be shown at Bellingham’s Pickford Film Center as a SeaFeast special event on May 29th. This will be the perfect occasion to present an exclusive 5-minute-preview ofThe Wild!
Stay tuned on our Facebook pagefor a great giveaway tomorrow
Sign up for the screening by following this link.