New Ottawa Senator Nate Thompson Gets Out On The Water

Our pal, Alaskan hockey player Nate Thompson, joined his new teammates from the Ottawa Senators on Prince Edward Island for a quick fishing trip as hockey season approaches. The Senators are playing a preseason game in P.E.I. this week, where defenseman Dion Phaneuf – seated in front and to the left of Thompson, holding a halibut he caught – owns a summer home.

Thompson, who signed with the Senators as a free agent after his stint in Anaheim, is right at home on the water with a rod and reel in hand. Thompson talked to the Sens’ beat writers about the fishing fun with teammates, including landing the only halibut among the cod caught on the boat. Leave it to the Alaskan to light the lamp!

The Senators posted a  story on the trip.

“The captain said it was about 60 or 70 pounds and it took 10 or 15 minutes to pull in,” Thompson said. “I was a little tired afterward. Maybe feeling it today from the halibut; he wore me out.” 

Unfortunately, Thompson had to release the fish as halibut is out of season. But, that will allow him to exaggerate the catch if he wants. 

“It might go up 25 pounds,” he said. 

It still won’t be the biggest halibut Thompson has reeled in; he says he has caught a 125-pounder in the past. 

Every Senators player had a good story about a Sunday spent away from hockey on the island. Some, like Thompson, went fishing. Others went golfing. 


Of course, Thompson went fishing! Ottawa’s season begins on Oct. 5.